Abridge, Absolute

Abridge (verb)

To abridge is to shorten or to condense

  • The job of an editor is to abridge a long document by removing the boring or irrelevant details.

There is an adjective – abridged

  • The publishers are planning to bring out an abridged version of the dictionary.

Abridgement (noun)

An abridgement is a shortened work.

Absolute (adjective)

Absolute means ‘total’, ‘perfect’ or ‘unlimited’.

An absolute ruler is one who is not ruled by anybody else. Absolute trust means unconditional trust. An absolute rule is one that you must follow. There are no two ways about it.

Absolute can also be a noun. It is used to refer to something that is perfect or unlimited.

  • Good and evil are often presented as absolutes.

There is an adverb form – absolutely

  • She trusted her husband absolutely.





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