Abysmal (uh BIZ mul) (Adjective)

An abyss is a bottomless pit. Abysmal means hopeless or wretched. Abysmal despair is despair so deep that no hope seems possible.

  • The company’s financial problem is abysmal; they haven’t even paid their employees for months.
  • The opposition alleged that the nation’s debt crisis was abysmal.

Abysmal can mean ‘very bad’. This usage is not strictly correct, but you will hear many people using abysmal with this meaning.

  • The team’s performance was abysmal.
  • They sacked the coach for the abysmal performance of the team.
  • We will never hire that contractor again. The quality of his work is abysmal.

Synonyms of abysmal

Bottomless, awful, terrible, disgraceful, atrocious, deplorable, inferior, unsatisfactory, profound, unfathomable, endless, boundless, endless, immeasurable

Antonyms of abysmal

Shallow, shoal, superficial, skin-deep, surface


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