Active And Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 8 CBSE

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice.

1. She is feeding the cat.

2. Dad is cooking pasta.

3. Mom is dusting the furniture.

4. The students have submitted the assignments.

5. I have eaten my breakfast.

6. I have learned my lessons.

7. She showed us the photographs.

8. The police questioned the suspect.

9. He was watering the plants.

10. The child was drawing a picture.

11. I have read that novel.

12. Have you watched that movie?

13. I sent the parcel.

14. They reported a problem.

15. He sells magazines at the railway station.


1. The cat is being fed by her.

2. Pasta is being cooked by dad.

3. The furniture is being dusted by mom.

4. The assignments have been submitted by the students.

5. My breakfast has been eaten by me.

6. My lessons have been learnt by me.

7. We were shown the photographs by her. / The photographs were shown to us by her.

8. The suspect was questioned by the police.

9. The plants were being watered by him.

10. A picture was being drawn by the child.

11. That novel has been read by me.

12. Has that movie been watched by you?

13. The parcel was sent by me.

14. A problem was reported by them.

15. Magazines are sold by him at the railway station.

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