Active and passive voice worksheet for class 8

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice.

1. They have analyzed the situation.

2. I have sent the report.

3. We saw him talking to the headmaster.

4. A cold fear gripped us.

5. I will buy the tickets for your return journey.

6. I will keep it.

7. Plant it.

8. I have sown mustard in that bed.

9. Stop the force.

10. I have lost the key.

11. She bought six mangoes.

12. They took him to the hospital.


1. The situation has been analyzed by them.

2. The report has been sent by me.

3. He was seen talking to the headmaster.

4. We were gripped by a cold fear.

5. The tickets for your return journey will be bought by me.

6. It will be kept by me.

7. Let it be planted.

8. Mustard has been sown in that bed.

9. Let the force be stopped.

10. The key has been lost.

11. Six mangoes were bought by her.

12. He was taken to the hospital by them.

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