Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 7 CBSE

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice. This passive voice grammar worksheet is helpful for students of classes 7 and 8.

Passive voice worksheet for class 7

1. I have read the report.

2. Have you watched that movie?

3. She owns two houses.

4. They didn’t recognize him.

5. I made a cake yesterday.

6. He bought the coffee machine.

7. She speaks six languages.

8. She is writing a novel.

9. They have planted some roses in the garden.

10. You have to correct your mistakes.

11. I have learnt my lesson.

12. He is fixing his bicycle.


1. The report has been read by me.

2. Has that movie been watched by you?

3. Two houses are owned by her.

4. He was not recognized by them.

5. Yesterday a cake was made by me.

6. The coffee machine was bought by him.

7. Six languages are spoken by her.

8. A novel is being written by her.

9. Some roses have been planted in the garden by them.

10. Your mistakes have to be corrected by you.

11. My lesson has been learnt by me.

12. His bicycle is being fixed by him.

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