Adjectives Worksheet for Class 4

Adjectives are words that describe nouns. They usually go before the noun.

  • I saw a cute baby. (Here the adjective cute says something about the noun baby and goes before it.)
  • She is a kind woman. (Here the adjective kind says something about the noun woman.)

Numbers and the names of colours are adjectives.

  • I have sixteen cats.
  • She was wearing a blue frock.

Adjectives can also go after the verb be. Note that be has different forms. Examples are: is, am, are, was and were.

  • He is intelligent. Here the adjective intelligent goes after is and says something about he.
  • They are ignorant. Here the adjective ignorant goes after the verb are and says something about they.

Adjectives worksheet 1

Underline the adjectives in the following sentences.

1. She is a silly woman.

2. The baby is very cute.

3. You are a wonderful woman.

4. It is a sharp knife.

5. The brave boy saved his friend from drowning.

6. The soup is delicious.

7. It was a foolish decision.

8. He is very careless.

9. She has got a lovely smile.

10. The giraffe has a long neck.


1.Silly; 2. Cute; 3. Wonderful; 4. Sharp; 5. Brave; 6. Delicious; 7. Foolish; 8. Careless; 9. Lovely; 10. long

Worksheet 2

Underline the adjectives in the following sentences.

1. She is shorter than me.

2. India is a large country.

3. Which is the tallest mountain in the world?

4. She is a famous writer.

5. Iron is a useful metal.

6. Diamond is a hard substance.

7. She lives in a spacious apartment in the city.

8. The old building needs to be repaired.

9. Our math teacher is very patient.

10. My apartment is smaller than his.


1. Shorter; 2. Large; 3. Tallest; 4. Famous; 5. Useful; 6. Hard; 7. Spacious; 8. Old; 9. Patient; 10. Smaller

Worksheet 3

Underline the adjectives in the following sentences.

1. It is a cheap restaurant.

2. The food wasn’t very good.

3. They have got six children.

4. Who won the first prize?

5. The exam was more difficult than I thought.

6. Is silk softer than wool?

7. He was a cruel ruler.

8. This medicine has a bitter taste.

9. Lions and tigers are wild animals.

10. Gold is a precious metal.


1. Cheap; 2. Good; 3. Six; 4. First; 5. Difficult; 6. Softer; 7. Cruel; 8. Bitter; 9. Wild; 10. Precious

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