Change Interrogative Sentence To Assertive Sentence Worksheet

Change interrogative sentence to assertive sentence


If the interrogative sentence is in the affirmative, add ‘not’ when you transform it into an assertive sentence.

1. Was Shyam at the party yesterday?

2. Were you looking for this watch?

3. Does he have any manners?

4. Did you forget to lock the door?

5. Were you waiting for the bus?

6. Did you notice anything wrong?

7. Don’t you know his name?

8. Were you not happy?

9. Can’t he swim?

10. Is it not interesting?

11. Wasn’t it his mistake?

12. Will it not rain?

13. Couldn’t he solve the puzzle?

14. Can’t he speak English?


1. Shyam was not at the party yesterday.

2. You were not looking for this watch.

3. He does not have any manners.

4. You did not forget to lock the door.

5. You were not waiting for the bus.

6. You didn’t notice anything wrong.

7. You know his name.

8. You were happy.

9. He can swim.

10. It is interesting.

11. It was his mistake.

12. It will rain.

13. He could solve the puzzle.

14. He can speak English.

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