Change Tense As Directed | Class 3 Grammar Worksheets

1. I am late for school. (change into simple future)

2. She will be here in the afternoon. (change into simple past)

3. She wants to be architect. (change into simple past)

4. They will not recognize us. (change into simple past)

5. She worked as a receptionist. (change into simple present)

6. We visited them on Tuesday. (change into present continuous)

7. That was interesting. (Change into simple future)

8. My sister took care of sick dogs and cats. (change into simple present)

9. I have been waiting for the bus for two hours. (change into present perfect)

10. They will arrive in the afternoon. (change into present continuous)

11.They will punish him. (change into simple past)

12. I ordered a pair of shoes online. (change into simple future)


1. I will be late for school. (simple future)

2. She was here in the afternoon. (simple past)

3. She wanted to be architect. (simple past)

4. They did not recognize us. (simple past)

5. She works as a receptionist. (simple present)

6. We are visiting them on Tuesday. (present continuous)

7. That will be interesting. (simple future)

8. My sister takes care of sick dogs and cats. (simple present)

9. I have waited for the bus for two hours. (present perfect)

10. They are arriving in the afternoon. (present continuous)

11. They punished him. (simple past)

12. I will order a pair of shoes online. (simple future)

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