Class 9 Article Writing Samples

These are practice writing activities for students of classes 9 and 10.

Class 9 and 10 CBSE English question papers often include an article writing task. Students are required to write an article on a given topic.

This activity tests their ability to express their ideas clearly and concisely in grammatically correct English.

Article writing activity 1

Your friend was quite demotivated after getting low grades in his exams. He didn’t feel like studying and fell into depression. Seeing his condition, you decide to write an article on the importance of positive thinking, how the power of positive thinking can improve one’s life, ensure happiness, health and successful results. (CBSE 2014)

Do not exceed 120 words.

Use the following hints.

  • Positive thinking reduces stress
  • Do not develop self pity
  • Sports, yoga-help

Importance Of Positive Thinking

Failure hurts but there is really no point in wallowing in self pity. In fact, feeling bad about oneself can have a disastrous effect on one’s mental and physical health. Positive thinking, on the other hand, helps us to tide over all crises and emerge successful. Studies have shown that positive thinking reduces our stress levels and improves our health. When we have a positive attitude towards life, we are less likely to be disheartened by failures and rejections. This will enable us to work harder and achieve the success that eludes us. It is not all that hard to develop positive thinking. Participating in sports and games will help us to get rid of the negative emotions inside us. Yoga and meditation also help.

Article writing activity 2

You are Manasi. You visited The Green Gardens Resort during the holidays. Write an article for your school magazine about why the place attracted you. Include the following points

  • Accessibility
  • Reasonable charges
  • Hygienic surroundings
  • Scenic beauty
  • Facilities available

Top Reasons To Visit The Green Gardens Resort

By Manasi

During the holidays I had an opportunity to visit Kumarakom in Kerala. We spent three days here. Kumarakom is a lovely place famous for its houseboat tourism. However, more than the houseboat cruise what I loved about the holiday was our stay in The Green Gardens Resort.

It is an amazing resort and is only a few minutes’ walk from Kumarakom. Accessibility is not the only plus point they have. Their charges are quite affordable and they serve great food. The surroundings are clean and hygienic. It was refreshing to find a resort visited by hundreds of people every day to remain spotlessly clean.

As the name itself reveals, the resort is built in the midst of a lush garden. There are many shady trees around it. There are lots of plants and colourful flowers too. In the mornings, we got to wake up hearing the chirping of the birds that live in the many trees around the resort. They also have a park for children. All in all, the Green Gardens Resort is a place well worth a visit and I will advise anyone visiting Kumarakom to stay in this resort.

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