Combine Using Although | Class 8 Grammar Worksheets

Although is a conjunction used to connect two contrasting ideas. Note that although and but mean the same. You can use only one of them to connect two clauses.

1. He tried hard. He could not win.

2. He is very old. He enjoys good health.

3. He was tired. He completed the work.

4. The cops tried their best. They could not catch the thief.

5. She had all the qualifications. She didn’t get the job.

6. I was angry. I said nothing.

7. He was ill. He attended the meeting.

8. Our team played well. But we lost the match.

9. The lawyer defended his client well. But he lost the case.

10. She is a very famous actress. Still she has no peace of mind.

11. He studied hard. Yet he failed.

12. He had a bad teacher. He scored good marks.


1. Although he tried hard, he could not win.

2. Although he is very old, he enjoys good health.

3. Although he was tired, he completed the work.

4. Although the cops tried their best, they could not catch the thief.

5. Although she had all the qualifications, she didn’t get the job.

6. Although I was angry, I said nothing.

7. Although he was ill, he attended the meeting.

8. Although our team played well, we lost the match.

9. Although the lawyer defended his client well, he lost the case.

10. Although she is a very famous actress, she has no peace of mind.

11. Although he studied hard, he failed.

12. Although he had a bad teacher, he scored good marks.


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