Continuous Tenses Worksheet for Class 8

We use continuous tenses to talk about actions that are / were / will be going on at a particular point of time in the present, past or future.

English has three continuous tense forms:

  • Present continuous tense
  • Past continuous tense
  • Future continuous tense

We make the present continuous tense form by putting is, am or are before the –ing form of the verb.

  • She is running.
  • I am writing.
  • We are playing.

Past continuous tense

We make the past continuous tense form by putting was / were before the –ing form of the verb.

  • I was writing.
  • They were singing.
  • He was sleeping.

Future continuous

We use the future continuous tense forms by putting will / shall + be before the –ing form of the verb.

  • They will be playing.
  • I will be working.
  • You will be playing.


Make sentences in the present continuous tense, past continuous tense and future continuous tense using the following verbs.

Watch, sing, play, run, pretend, grow, chase



  • I am watching TV.
  • She was watching a program on TV.
  • They will be matching the match.


  • The girl is singing a song.
  • The boys are singing.
  • I will be singing a song.


  • The child is playing.
  • She was playing with her dog.
  • I will be playing with my children.


  • The girl is running after her puppy.
  • The boy was running fast.
  • I will be running.


  • He is pretending to be ill.
  • She was pretending to be ill.
  • She will be pretending to be ill.


  • The plants are growing well.
  • The rose was growing well.
  • The plant will be growing well.


  • The cat is chasing the mouse.
  • The dogs were chasing the cat.
  • The dogs will be chasing the cat.

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