Countable And Uncountable Nouns Exercise For Class 4 With Answers

State whether the underlined noun is countable or uncountable. Write UN against uncountable nouns and CN against countable nouns.

1. Man is mortal.

2. Air is everywhere.

3. Is there water on the moon?

4. We haven’t got much money.

5. Milk is nutritious.

6. We have bought a new car.

7. I have learned my lesson.

8. Rice is the staple food of South Indians.

9. Bread and butter was served for breakfast.

10. Have you got any information about them?

11. I don’t want to listen to your advice.

12. The heat is unbearable.

13. Oil is inflammable.

14. I love mango juice.

15. The news is too good to be true.

16. We are having terrible weather.

17. My sister always beats me when we play chess.

18. There is too much furniture in this room.

19. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

20. Have you got any bread?

21. I am  looking for cheap accommodation.

22. Lightning struck the tree.

23. You need a little bit of luck to succeed in life.

24. We are making good progress.

25. He came to Mumbai to look for work.

26. If my parents give me permission I will go abroad for higher studies.

27. The bag was heavy.

28. Every child needs a loving home.

29. I adopted a puppy last week.

30. This table is made of teakwood.


1. Man (CN)

2. Air (UN)

3. water (UN)

4. money (UN)

5. Milk (UN)

6. car (CN)

7. lesson (CN)

8. Rice (UN)

9. butter (UN)

10. information (UN)

11. advice (UN)

12. heat (UN)

13. Oil (UN)

14. mango juice (UN)

15. news (UN)

16. weather (UN)

17.chess (UN)

18. furniture (UN)

19. knowledge (UN)

20. bread (UN)

21. accommodation (UN)

22. Lightning (UN) tree (CN)

23. luck (UN)

24. progress (UN)

25. work (UN)

26. permission (UN)

27. bag (CN)

28. child (CN)

29. puppy (CN)

30. table (CN)

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