Dialogue writing exercise


Mira wants to go to the movies with her friends. She asks her mother for permission. Construct a dialogue between both of them in 100 words.

Sample dialogue

Mira: Mummy, can I go to the movies? My friends are all going to watch XXX. I too want to join them.

Mummy: Have you learned your lessons for the unit test?

Mira: Yes, I have learned all of my lessons. Can I go?

Mummy: When will you be back?

Mira: We are going to watch the noon show. I will be back by 6 pm.

Mummy: Okay, this time around I will let you go, but don’t make this a habit. Your exams are drawing closer. You can’t be wasting a lot of time playing or watching movies.

Mira: Thank you, Mummy. I know. I won’t waste any time.


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