English Vocabulary Exercise For Classes 9 and 10

In the following questions sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word. Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the best alternative.

English vocabulary exercise

1. If you occupy a position of power, you will have plenty of people ————— at your feet.

a) falling
b) sweeping
c) fawning
d) kneeling

2. We will have to find some way of ————– the negotiations, if we are to win our objective.

a) finessing
b) turning
c) dealing
d) handling

3. She showed great ————— and finesse in dealing with the troublesome situation.

a) tact
b) trick
c) ability
d) power

4. She —————- her inheritance and married outside her parent’s faith.

a) forfeited
b) fined
c) lost
d) deprived

5. I couldn’t help but admire the —————- with which he faced his detractors.

a) stability
b) equanimity
c) wit
d) ability

6. Their stance on this issue is —————– and nobody knows how they are likely to react.

a) clear
b) transparent
c) equivocal
d) oblique

7. When pressed for a firm answer, she ——————.

a) surrendered
b) gave up
c) equivocated
d) resisted

8. Conversation stopped as we —————— the church.

a) entered
b) entered at
c) entered into
d) entered to

9. She —————- a rich businessman old enough to be her dad.

a) married
b) married with
c) married to
d) married off

10. That child does not —————– either of its parents.

a) resemble
b) resemble to
c) resemble with
d) resemble of

11. The train is now —————- the Victoria Terminus.

a) approaching
b) approaching to
c) approaching at
d) approaching on

12. She —————– her disapproval of the show by leaving the auditorium.

a) evinced
b) saw
c) envisaged
d) engaged

13. Her questions must have provoked him for they ————– a bitter retort.

a) evoked
b) evinced
c) invoked
d) resulted

14. Her silence merely ——————- the problem.

a) solved
b) exacerbated
c) accelerated
d) improved

15. This book is an ————— account of the author’s life.

a) exhausted
b) exhaustive
c) peripheral
d) attractive

16. They bought the apartment at an —————- price.

a) extreme
b) exorbitant
c) extra
d) high

17. Her shameless affair is the ————— in the family cupboard.

a) secret
b) skeleton
c) bone
d) lock

18. Coaching classes often act as the —————- to success in competitive examinations.

a) door
b) means
c) way
d) window

19. If we both put our ————— on the table it would be easier to come to an agreement.

a) cards
b) hands
c) wallets
d) plans

20. That continuous noise is driving me up the ————–

a) roof
b) wall
c) hill
d) road

21. Babar’s soldiers were armed to the ————– as they attacked the Lodhi army.

a) top
b) teeth
c) feet
d) neck

22. The thieves took to their ————— as the policemen arrived.

a) feet
b) heels
c) soles
d) legs

23. He has money in ————— but he still doesn’t do anything to help others.

a) access
b) excess
c) bank
d) great amount

24. The poor woman has ————– many hardships after her husband died many years ago.

a) born
b) bore
c) borne
d) boar

25. Many explorers who —————- to climb Mt. Everest and have become successful.

a) essayed
b) assayed
c) assessed
d) accessed


1. fawning
2. finessing
3. tact
4. forfeited
5. equanimity
6. equivocal
7. equivocated
8. entered
9. married
10. resemble
11. approaching
12. evinced
13. evoked
14. exacerbated
15. exhaustive
16. exorbitant
17. skeleton
18. door
19. cards
20. wall
21. teeth
22. heels
23. excess
24. borne
25. assayed

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