First Conditional Sentences Exercise For Class 8

In the first or open conditional, we use a simple present tense in the if-clause and will/can/may + bare infinitive (first form of the verb) in the main clause.

The first conditional is used to talk about real and possible situations. Can you make sentences in the open /first conditional? Test your understanding of first conditional sentences with this grammar exercise.

First conditional sentences exercise

Write open or first conditional sentences for the following situations.

1. eat a lot of fast food / gain weight

2. skip breakfast / feel drowsy in the class

3. work hard / succeed in life

4. old car / cannot depend

5. behave nicely to everyone / win their heart

6. start now / not miss the train

7. train hard / qualify for the match

8. eat right / enjoy good health

9. quit smoking / not get cancer.

10. weather stormy / voyage rough


1. If you eat a lot of fast food, you will gain weight.

2. If you skip breakfast, you will feel drowsy in the class.

3. If you work hard, you will succeed in life.

4. If it is an old car, you cannot depend on it.

5. If you behave nicely to everyone, you can win their heart.

6. If you start now, you will not miss the train.

7. If you train hard, you will qualify for the match.

8. If you eat right, you will/can enjoy good health.

9. If you quit smoking, you will not get cancer.

10. If the weather is stormy, the voyage will be rough.

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