How To Add Variety To Your Writing?

You can add variety to your writing by varying your vocabulary and sentence structures. There is nothing wrong with repeating words or sentence patterns but if you do it too often, the reader will soon get bored with your writing. What’s more, too much repetition suggests a limited knowledge of language. Therefore, pay careful attention to your choice of words and sentence patterns.

You can vary your sentences in a number of ways. One way of doing this is to use the different forms of the same word. You have already learned that a word can exist in different forms (e.g. noun, verb, adjective, adverb, infinitive or -ing form). Knowing the different forms of a word is not enough. You must also be able to use these different forms in a correct sentence. For example, the verb persist means continue something despite some resistance. Persist can also be a noun (persistence), an adjective (persistent) or an adverb (persistently).

Study the following examples.

Despite frequent dope tests, some athletes persist in using performance-enhancing drugs.

Although there are frequent dope tests, some athletes show persistence in using performance-enhancing drugs.

In spite of frequent dope tests, some athletes persistently use performance-enhancing drugs.

Though athletes have to undergo frequent dope tests, some of them are persistent in using performance-enhancing drugs.

Note how the sentence structures change with a change in the form of the word persist.

Variety also comes from using different phrases and clauses. So if you are able to use many different word forms in a variety of sentences, you can easily alter your writing and impress the reader.

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