How to Write Great Essay Paragraphs: Why Grammar and Punctuation is Best Left for Last

Liberating one’s natural writing voice should take precedence over any concerns for correct grammar, spelling, or sentence structure.

Writing good paragraphs is essential for the A+ paper. Students are well-advised to brush up on their writing skills like all essay writers by first being clear about what they are trying to communicate before working on how to communicate it. Following a few simple sets of rules may be all that it takes to finish the assignment on time and with top marks.

The Key to Good Writing

The key to good writing is in knowing what to say. Writing is, after all, a communication tool; its purpose is to communicate a clear and direct message to the reader. Before sitting down to write, students should familiarize themselves with some basic tips on how to develop an essay. Understanding how to fully explore the essay topic through research as well as the importance of using an essay outline to support the paper’s thesis statement is essential for a well-written essay.

Letting the Words Flow Naturally

An A+ essay need not be award-winning material. Many students get bogged down when they try to adopt a fake essay voice or try to write fancy, elegant prose. Most instructors have a strong appreciation for students who speak with a tone of personal authenticity and focus on getting right down to communicating the message as quickly as possible.

The Basic Paragraph Template

Most paragraphs follow a basic three-act structure:

  • an opening sentence that communicates the paragraph’s main idea
  • a series of sentences that prove or expand on this main idea
  • a concluding sentence that reinforces the main idea and moves onto the next paragraph

This simple structure can help students write a well-organized paragraph that is sure to communicate the essay’s thesis statement with both confidence and clarity.

Students Need to Understand the Paragraph’s Main Idea

A paragraph can only be written as well as the student’s understanding or agreement with the main idea. As stated before, good writing is dependent on knowing what to say. Students can avoid hours of wasted effort by simply taking the time to make sure they clearly understand and agree with the main idea before trying to support it.

Writing Out Sentences That Support the Main Idea

Writing out a series of sentences that supports the main essay writing idea should be easier once the student is confident of the paragraph’s main message. A well-written paragraph consists of sentences that either follows a logical train of thought or provide a series of examples that lead up to the proof of the main idea.

Concluding the Paragraph with Confidence

The concluding statement reinforces the paragraph’s main idea and leads into the essay’s next paragraph. Conclusions leave a lasting impression; students would do well to write out a statement that exudes confidence and understanding of their message.

Proofreading for Grammar and Punctuation

Most writers leave the grammar and punctuation check until the very end in order to ensure that self-expression flows naturally and without inhibition. There are several ways to accomplish this last step:

  • read up on basic rules of grammar and punctuation online
  • run a spelling and grammar check from a PC
  • hire a proof-reader or tutor

Remember that an A+ essay need not be perfectly written or free from any grammatical errors. No one is perfect. However, most instructors require that students have at least a good understanding of basic sentence structure and punctuation.

The key to writing well is knowing what to say. Students are more likely to succeed in their writing assignments if they take the time to be sure what each paragraph stands for before trying to write it out. The essay’s thesis statement and the paragraph’s main ideas depend largely on taking the time to communicate the message in the most clearest and effective manner possible.

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