Idioms – M

Make the most of

To make the most of something is to use it to the best advantage.

  • He made the most of his foreign holiday by visiting as many places as he could.

Make a move

To make a move is to take action.

Mow someone down

To mow someone down is to kill them by gunfire or by knocking them down with a car.

  • The old woman was mowed down by a truck.

Muck something up

To muck something up is to spoil something.

Muck about / around

To muck about is to behave in a silly way.

Mull something over

To mull something over is to think about something at length.

Mum’s the word

An expression used to mean that you will not reveal a secret.

Pass muster

If something passes muster, it is accepted as satisfactory.

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