Idioms – O

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions formed around words beginning with O.

Sow your wild oats

To sow your wild oats is to have too many casual sexual relationships when you were young.

Odds and ends

Various small items that are not part of a larger set

Off and on

Now and then

Be on the offensive

When someone is on the offensive, they are ready to act aggressively.

  • The minister seemed to be on the offensive.

On offer

If something is on offer, it is available for purchase at a reduced price.

In the offing

If something is in the offing, it is likely to happen soon.

  • A new education policy is in the offing.

Be one up on

When you are one up on somebody, you have an advantage over them.

One and all


  • They have invited one and all.

One and only

If something is regarded as being one and only, it is unique.

One day

At some point in the past or future.

  • One day my prince will come.

In the open

Not secret

  • The agreement was signed in the open.

Keep your options open

When you keep your options open, you don’t commit yourself to something.

An outside chance

An outside chance is a remote possibility.

  • We only have an outside chance of winning the match.

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