Neither … Nor Worksheet For Class 10

Combine the following sentences using neither…nor…

You can learn more about neither…nor here.

1. He doesn’t attend the class regularly. He doesn’t learn his lessons.

2. Raju has not come. Ravi has not come.

3. Shyam doesn’t have a job. Hari doesn’t have a job.

4. I don’t know him. I don’t know his father.

5. The secretary didn’t attend the meeting. The president didn’t attend the meeting.

6. The manager was not there. His personal assistant was not there.

7. His mother is not alive. His father is not alive.

8. I haven’t visited Malaysia. I haven’t visited Thailand.

9. I didn’t see the bird. My friend didn’t see the bird.

10. Radhika is not present today. Her sister is not present today.

11. He is not rich. His brother is not rich.

12. He is not intelligent. He is not hard working.


1. He neither attends the class regularly nor learns his lessons.

2. Neither Raju nor Ravi has come.

3. Neither Shyam nor Hari has a job.

4. I know neither him nor his father.

5. Neither the secretary nor the president attended the meeting.

6. Neither the manager nor his personal assistant was there.

7. Neither his mother nor his father is alive.

8. I have visited neither Malaysia nor Thailand.

9. Neither I nor my friend saw the bird.

10. Neither Radhika nor her sister is present today.

11. Neither he nor his brother is rich.

12. He is neither intelligent nor hard working.

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