Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 10

The sentences given below are in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice. To learn more about passive voice, go to this lesson.

This passive voice worksheet is helpful for students preparing for their class 10 English exam conducted by Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, AP and West Bengal Boards.

1. Most people in North India speak Hindi.

2. She is watering the plants.

3. He has accepted our invite.

4. I sent the report.

5. I was cooking dinner.

6. The teacher was reciting a poem.

7. I had drafted the report.

8. She was preparing the report.

9. They have made all the arrangements.

10. I will send the report now.

11. She will help us.

12. We will adopt the puppy.

13. They will have finished the job.

14. They are washing the windows.

15. They have lodged a complaint.


1. Hindi is spoken by most people in North India.

2. The plants are being watered by her.

3. Our invite has been accepted by him.

4. The report was sent by me.

5. Dinner was being cooked by me.

6. A poem was being recited by the teacher.

7. The report had been drafted by me.

8. The report was being prepared by her.

9. All the arrangements have been made by them.

10. The report will be sent (by me) now.

11. We will be helped by her.

12. The puppy will be adopted by us.

13. The job will have been finished by them.

14. The windows are being washed by them.

15. A complaint has been lodged by them.

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