Passive Voice Exercise For Class 10 | Present Perfect Tense

Active voice sentences in the present perfect tense are given below. Change them into passive voice.

In the present perfect tense, we make the passive verb form by putting has/have + been before the past participle form of the verb.

1. I have drafted the report.

2. She has refused our invitation.

3. Rani has won the first prize.

4. My brother has bought a new apartment.

5. She has found a good job.

6. The workers have repaired the roof.

7. She has solved the puzzle.

8. He has delivered the message.

9. She has adopted a litter of puppies.

10. You have earned ten points.

11. I have planted a mango tree in the backyard.

12. They have taken the injured man to hospital.


1. The report has been drafted by me.

2. Our invitation has been refused by her.

3. The first prize has been won by Rani.

4. A new apartment has been bought by my brother.

5. A good job has been found by her.

6. The roof has been repaired by the workers.

7. The puzzle has been solved by her.

8. The message has been delivered by him.

9. A litter of puppies has been adopted by her.

10. Ten points have been earned by you.

11. A mango tree has been planted in the backyard (by me).

12. The injured man has been taken to hospital (by them).

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