Change Questions Into Passive Voice | Class 10 Worksheet

When we change a question into a passive voice, the question word at the beginning of the active voice sentence does not change its position. Note that who will become whom in the passive voice.

Active voice: Who taught you?

Passive voice: By whom were you taught?

Here the given question is in the simple past tense. Hence, we have to use was / were in the passive voice. We used were here because the subject is the pronoun you.

Table showing passive verb forms

Questions are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice.

1. Where did you buy this book from?

2. When will you finish it?

3. How can you help him?

4. Why did he write such a letter?

5. Who won the World Cup Football Tournament?

6. Did you see the report?

7. Who did this?

8. Are you writing a letter?

9. Who taught you English?

10. Do foolish drivers cause accidents?

11. Has the doctor examined the patient?

12. Will they complete the work today?


1. From where was this book bought by you?

2. When will it be finished by you?

3. How can he be helped by you?

4. Why was such a letter written by him?

5. By whom was the World Cup Football Tournament won?

6. Was the report seen by you?

7. By whom was this written?

8. Is a letter being written by you?

9. By whom were you taught English?

10. Are accidents caused by foolish drivers?

11. Has the patient been examined by the doctor?

12. Will the work be completed today?

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