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Sentences are given in the simple present tense.

In the simple present tense, we make the passive verb form by putting is/am/are before the past participle form of the verb. In the passive voice, the subject of the active verb becomes the object and the object of the active verb becomes the subject.

This class 10 passive voice worksheet is helpful for students preparing for their class 10 exam conducted by various state boards.

How to change simple present to passive voice

Change the active voice sentences given below in to passive voice.

  1. He sells balloons.
  2. She feeds abandoned animals.
  3. I love my dog,
  4. I know him.
  5. People admire celebrities.
  6. Everyone respects an honest person.
  7. My mother cooks delicious meals,
  8. My sister teaches poor slum kids.
  9. She learns her lessons every day.
  10. They visit us often.
  11. Birds make nests.
  12. Cows eat leaves and grass.


  1. Balloons are sold by him.
  2. Abandoned animals are fed by her.
  3. My dog is loved by me.
  4. He is known to me.
  5. Celebrities are admired by people.
  6. An honest person is respected by everyone.
  7. Delicious meals are cooked by my mother.
  8. Poor slum kids are taught by my sister.
  9. Her lessons are learnt by her every day.
  10. We are often visited by them.
  11. Nests are made by birds.
  12. Leaves and grass are eaten by cows.

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