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Times of India is organizing a ‘Write to Win’ contest for students of classes IX and X. Students have to write about 500 words on the funniest book they have written. The last date for submitting the entries is March 30, 2016. You are Anita Mahajan, the Secretary of the Book Club of your school. In not more than 50 words, write a notice for the notice board of your school informing students about the contest and asking them to contact you for more details.



March 9, 2016

‘Write To Win’ Contest

Students of classes IX and X interested in participating in the ‘Write to Win’ contest organized by Times of India are requested to write at least 500 words on the funniest book they have written and submit their entries on or before March 30, 2016. For more information contact the undersigned.

Anita Mahajan

Book Club Secretary



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