Passive Voice Exercise | CBSE English Grammar

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate passive verb form.

1. The injured woman —————- by some boys.

a) helped
b) was helped
c) was helping

2. His command —————— promptly obeyed.

a) has
b) was
c) were

3. The lion ———————- by the hunter.

a) shot
b) was shooting
c) was shot

4. My phone ——————-

a) has stolen
b) has been stolen
c) was being stolen.

5. The work ——————- by them in a fortnight.

a) will finish

b) will be finished
c) will be finishing

6. He ——————- for smuggling cocaine.

a) arrested
b) has arrested
c) was arrested

7. The ball ——————- by the wicket keeper.

a) caught
b) was caught
c) has caught

8. I —————— to their party.

a) have invited
b) have been invited
c) have been inviting

9. Twenty runs ——————- by the captain.

a) scored
b) were scored
c) were scoring

10. The bird —————— by the cruel boy.

a) killed
b) was killed
c) has killed


1. The injured woman was helped by some boys.

2. His command was promptly obeyed.

3. The lion was shot by the hunter.

4. My phone has been stolen.

5. The work will be finished by them in a fortnight.

6. He was arrested for smuggling cocaine.

7. The ball was caught by the wicket keeper.

8. I have been invited to their party.

9. Twenty runs were scored by the captain.

10. The bird was killed by the cruel boy.


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