Phrasal Verbs | F

Here is a list of phrasal verbs beginning with the letter F. Each phrasal verb is followed by its definition and example sentences.

Face up to = acknowledge something embarrassing; accept an unpleasant reality

  • He couldn’t face up to the fact that he had been sacked.
  • People often find it difficult to face up to the fact that they are getting old.

Fall back on = begin to use something held in reserve

  • As the family had no savings to fall back on they found it difficult to get through the hard times.
  • Susie has done an MBA in event management, so even if her acting career doesn’t take off she will still have something to fall back on.

Fall behind = go slower than planned

  • If you don’t work hard, you will fall behind your colleagues.

Fall off = decrease

  • Gold prices are unlikely to fall off.

Fall out with = have an argument with

  • He fell out with his boss over something silly.
  • They are constantly falling out with each other.

Feel up to = have the energy to do something

  • Sometimes I just don’t feel up to doing anything.
  • She was unwell and didn’t feel up to going out.

Figure out (separable) = understand

  • I can’t figure out why she hates me.
  • I just can’t figure out her motives.

Fill in = complete

  • Please fill in this form.
  • We will have to find someone to fill in for Jack. (= We will have to find someone to substitute for Jack.)

Fill out (separable) = complete (an application)

  • Please fill out this form and give it to the Secretary.

Find out = discover

  • It took me quite some time to find out his true intentions.

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