Phrasal verbs lesson

Here is a list of phrasal verbs with example sentences.

Break out of

To break out of a place is to escape from it by force.

  • The prisoners who broke out of jail have been caught.

Break up

To break up with someone is to end relationship or marriage with them.

  • Maria broke up with Peter after dating him for several years.

Bring up

To bring up a child is to raise her.

  • She wants to bring up her children by herself.

Brush up on

To brush up on something is to refresh your knowledge of it.

  • I brushed up on my Hindi before going to India.

Bump into

To bump into someone is to meet them by chance.

  • I bumped into Rahul yesterday.

Burn out

You burn out when you become exhausted from over-working.

  • You must work fewer hours. Otherwise, you will burn out.

Call off

To call off a program is to cancel it.

  • The organizers called off the match because of bad weather.

Calm down

To calm down is to become less angry or more relaxed

  • It took her several months to calm down after witnessing the brutal murder of her mother.

Carry out 

To carry out is to do something as specified.

  • The company insisted that they do not carry out medical trials on animals.

Check in

To check in is to register at an airport or hotel.

  • You must check in at least two hours before your flight.

Clamp down on

To clamp down on something is to act strictly to prevent something.

  • The government has decided to clamp down on illegal migrants.

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