Poem Comprehension Exercise Class 6

Read the poem given below and complete the sentences that follow by choosing the correct options from the choices given : 1×5=5

Do you ask what the birds say?
The sparrow, the dove
The linnet, and thrush say
‘I love’ and ‘I love’.

In the winter they’re silent
The wind is so strong;
What it says, I don’t know,
But it sings a loud song.

But green leaves and blossoms,
And sunny warm weather;
And singing, and living,
All come back together.

The lark is so brimful,
Of gladness and love
The green fields below him,
The blue sky above

That he sings, and he sings,
And forever sings he:
‘I love my love,
And my love loves me.’


(a) The birds are silent during the ………………………….

(i) summer (ii) winter (iii) spring (iv) autumn

(b) Which of the following birds are so brimful of happiness and love?

(i) sparrows (ii) doves (iii) larks (iv) linnets

(c) Which of the following birds are not mentioned in the poem?

(i) dove s (ii) sparrows (iii) thrushes (id) storks

(d) During which season is the wind strong?

(i) summer (ii) winter (iii) autumn (iv) spring

(e) Birds love singing when the weather is ………………………….

(i) warm and sunny (ii) cold and dark (iii) windy (id) humid


(a) winter

(b) lark

(c) stork

(d) winter

(e) warm and sunny

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