Reported Speech Worksheet for Class 10 KSEEB SSLC

Sentences are given in the direct speech. Change them into the indirect speech. You can learn more about direct and indirect speech here.

When we use reported speech, the present tense in direct speech usually changes to past tense in indirect speech. This happens when the main verb is in the past tense. However, it is not always necessary to change the tense. If the situation still remains the same, you do not usually have to change the tense to the past.


Ravi said ‘I can’t get on with my boss.’

Ravi said that he couldn’t get on with his boss. / Ravi said that he can’t get on with his boss. (The situation has not changed here. Hence, the present tense is also possible.)

Reported speech worksheet for class 10 Karnataka Board

Report the following sentences.

1. Rahul said ‘I am feeling tired.’

2. Teena said ‘I need someone to fix my roof.’

3. Sophia said ‘I don’t have any money.’

4. ‘Do you know where Rohan lives?’ she asked me.

5. Mother said, ‘Change your wet clothes.’

6. ‘What are you doing in my room?’ she asked me.

7. The teacher said, ‘Submit your work before Friday.’

8. Ann said, ‘I can’t come to the party on Sunday.’

9. ‘I will call you when I reach home,’ I said to my mother.

10. ‘I don’t remember anything,’ she said.

11. Ravi said ‘I want to find a better job.’

12. Veena said ‘I don’t like this party. I want to go home.’


1. Rahul said that he was feeling tired.

2. Teena said that she needed someone to fix her roof.

3. Sophia said that she didn’t have any money.

4. She asked me if / whether I knew where Ram lives / lived.

5. Mother told me to change my wet clothes.

6. She asked me what I was doing in her room.

7. The teacher told / asked the students to submit their work before Friday.

8. Ann said that she can’t/couldn’t come to the party on Sunday.

9. I told my mother that I would call her when I reached home.

10. She said that she didn’t remember anything.

11. Ravi said that he wanted / wants to find a better job.

12. Veena said that she didn’t like that party and wanted to go home.

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