Reported Speech Worksheet for Class 10 Karnataka SSLC

Sentences are given in the direct speech. Change them into the indirect speech. You can learn more about direct and indirect speech here.

Reported speech worksheet for class 10

1. Serena said ‘I want to visit Australia.’

2. ‘What do you want?’ She said to me.

3. Sam said ‘I am looking for a new job.’

4. ‘Dad is in hospital,’ said Maria.

5. ‘Are there any good restaurants here?’ the tourist asked the traffic cop.

6. ‘Reduce your sugar intake,’ the doctor said to me.

7. ‘Don’t be late,’ the mother said to her son.

8. ‘Take care,’ I said to him.

9. ‘Can you help me, please,’ asked Susie.

10. Paul said ‘Don’t worry about me.’

11. Mother said ‘Have your meals on time.’

12. ‘Do you speak English?’ he said to me.


1. Serena said that she wanted to visit Australia.

2. She asked me what I wanted.

3. Sam said that he was looking for a new job.

4. Maria said that dad was in hospital.

5. The tourist asked the traffic cop if / whether there were any good restaurants there.

6. The doctor told me to reduce my sugar intake.

7. Mother told her son not to be late.

8. I told him to take care.

9. Susie asked me to help her. / Susie asked if I could help her.

10. Paul said not to worry about him. / Paul told me not to worry about him.

11. Mother told me to have my meals on time.

12. He asked me if / whether I spoke English.

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