Simple present tense exercise for CBSE class 5 students

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate simple present tense form. Watch this Youtube video in Malayalam to learn the correct use of simple present tense.

1. My brother ——————- in the army.

a) serve
b) serves
c) is serving

2. She ———————- beautiful sweaters.

a) knit
b) knits
c) is knitting

3. He ———————- to leave now.

a) want
b) wants
c) wanted

4. The earth ——————– round the sun.

a) move
b) moves

5. She ——————— very well.

a) sing
b) sings

6. They ——————– all festivals.

a) celebrate
b) celebrates

7. We ———————- fish or meat.

a) do not eat
b) does not eat

8. I ——————- all music.

a) like
b) likes
c) am liking

9. John ——————— 140 pounds.

a) weigh
b) weighs
c) is weighing

10. The castle ——————– on a hill outside the city.

a) stand
b) stands

11. Maya ———————– interesting short stories.

a) writes
b) write
c) wrote

12. My children ———————- a lot of time in front of the television.

a) spend
b) spends


1. My brother serves in the army.

2. She knits beautiful sweaters.

3. He wants to leave now.

4. The earth moves round the sun.

5. She sings very well.

6. They celebrate all festivals.

7. We do not eat fish or meat.

8. I like all music.

9. John weighs 140 pounds.

10. The castle stands on a hill outside the city.

11. Maya writes interesting short stories.

12. My children spend a lot of time in front of the television.


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