Unscramble Groups of Words | Grammar Worksheet for Classes 3 and 4

Unscramble these groups of words and make meaningful sentences. Capitalise where necessary.

The punctuation marks will help you.

These worksheets are designed for students of classes 3 and 4.


1. city what Mumbai a is big!

2. cannot this I believe.

3. in the crocodile lazily the swam river.

4. your can you me pen, lend please?

5. become I a wish I millionaire could!

6. you have baked a ever cake?

7. you why listen me to don’t?

8. an my niece to architect wants be.

9. I the have some planted in garden roses.

10. the to mother the child the took doctor.

11. do this you of know meaning word the?

12. you why crying are?

13. shining the sun brightly was.

14. about are exams you worried your?

15. the pigeon balcony has some eggs in laid my.


1. What a big city Mumbai is!

2. I cannot believe this.

3. The crocodile swam lazily in the river.

4. Can you lend me your pen, please?

5. I wish I could become a millionaire!

6. Have you ever baked a cake?

7. Why don’t you listen to me?

8. My niece wants to be an architect.

9. I have planted some roses in the garden.

10. The mother took the child to the doctor.

11. Do you know the meaning of this word?

12. Why are you crying?

13. The sun was shining brightly.

14. Are you worried about your exams?

15. The pigeon has laid some eggs in my balcony.

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