Unscramble the Group of Words | CBSE Class 4 worksheets

Unscramble the group of words to make meaningful sentences. Capitalise where necessary. The punctuation marks will help you.

1. flute boy playing the was his.

2. brother am my I for waiting.

3. is outside it raining.

4. standing feet are on you my.

5. bird was the on sitting branch a.

6. pen can your borrow I?

7. do live you where?

8. standing why you there are?

9. minutes was ten ago here she.

10. writing exam I my am.

11. my I eaten have lunch.

12. swim can you the river across?

13. boy the frightened loud noise the.

14. food stay eating good us to helps healthy.

15. to the mother the child doctor took the.


1. The boy was playing his flute.

2. I am waiting for my brother.

3. It is raining outside.

4. You are standing on my feet.

5. The bird was sitting on a branch.

6. Can I borrow your pen?

7. Where do you live?

8. Why are you standing there?

9. She was here ten minutes ago.

10. I am writing my exam.

11. I have eaten my lunch.

12. Can you swim across the river?

13. The loud noise frightened the boy.

14. Eating good food helps us to stay healthy.

15. The mother took the child to the doctor.

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