Words Denoting Different Sounds

Here is a list of words that indicate different sounds.

  • Beat of a drum
  • Blaring of bands, trumpets
  • Blowing of a bugle
  • Booming of a gun
  • Buzz of a telephone
  • Call of a bugle
  • Chattering of teeth
  • Clanging of chains, hammers, arms
  • Clatter of hoofs, plates
  • Clinking of glasses, metal, keys
  • Crackling of fire
  • Crack of a whip
  • Creaking of doors or shoes
  • Hissing of steam
  • Howling of wind
  • Jingling of coins
  • Lapping of water
  • Patter of rain
  • Pealing or ringing of bells
  • Rattling of windows
  • Roaring of guns
  • Rustle of silk, leaves
  • Shriek of a whistle
  • Thundering or rumbling of clouds
  • Sizzling of sausages
  • Slam of a door
  • Tick of a clock
  • Toot of a horn
  • Twang of a bow
  • Whistling, roaring or howling of wind

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