Words that describe people | Class 9 English communicative

When we talk about people we often describe their qualities. Here are the most common words used to describe people.


Unassuming means modest, easygoing, simple, natural or unostentatious.

  • Despite her wealth and fame, she has an unassuming personality.

Domineering (adjective)

Domineering means tyrannical, arrogant or dogmatic.

  • He was a domineering man who allowed no one to overrule him.

Antonyms: submissive, subservient, timid, shy

Laborious (adjective)

The word laborious doesn’t necessarily describe people. It is used to refer to tasks that require a lot of time and effort.

  • Climbing the hill was a laborious task.


A workaholic is a person who works very hard and finds it difficult to stop working.

  • You don’t have to be a workaholic to be successful.


Authoritative means commanding, arrogant, dictatorial, dogmatic or tyrannical.

  • He was a small man but there was an authoritative tone in his voice.


A kind-hearted person is kind and compassionate.

  • My landlady is a kind-hearted woman with a great sense of humour.


Diligent means industrious, hardworking, zealous, active or persistent

  • He is a diligent worker and deserves a promotion.


Sagacious means wise, shrewd, astute, intelligent, prudent, smart or clever.

  • The professor was a sagacious man.


An egoist is a self-centered person.

  • An egoist believes that everyone is motivated by self-interest.


Thoughtful means contemplative, reflective, wistful, meditative or introspective.

  • When I last met her she was quiet and thoughtful.
  • Raj is a thoughtful child.


Tiresome means boring, monotonous, tedious, uninteresting or drab.

  • Your cheap jokes are getting tiresome.


Sympathetic means compassionate, understanding, humane, benevolent and kindly.

  • She was a sympathetic teacher whom every student liked.


Tireless means industrious, devoted, resolute, staunch, steady, determined or persevering

  • The winner of the marathon was a tireless runner.


Irresponsible means careless, indifferent, immature, imprudent, thoughtless

  • She was an irresponsible mother.

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