The conjunctions and, or, but

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The most common coordinating conjunctions are and, but and or. It might be helpful to explore the uses of these tiny conjunctions.


And has several uses.

1) To suggest that one idea is chronologically sequential to another:

2) To suggest that one idea is the result of another:

3) To suggest that one idea is in contrast to another. In this usage, and is frequently replaced by but.

4) To express a condition. It is often possible to express the same idea using if.

5) To suggest a kind of comment on the first clause:


But is used to suggest a contrast that is unexpected in light of the idea expressed by the first clause.

But can mean except after words like all, none, every, any, no, everything, everybody, nothing, nobody etc.


Or is used to suggest that only one possibility can be realized.

Or can be used to introduce a word that explains or means the same as another.

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