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Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb given in the brackets.

1. -------------------- you know the answer? (Have / Do)

2. -------------------- you ever seen a whale? (Have / Do)

3. ----------------------- she say anything? (Did / Had)

4. --------------------- you discussed this matter with them? (Have / Do)

5. ---------------------- he live in this city? (Does / Has)

6. ----------------------- you known him for a long time? (Have / Do)

7. --------------------- you see him yesterday? (Did / Had)

8. You ---------------------- better mend your ways. (did / had)

9. When ------------------- you hear this story? (have / did)

10. Where ------------------- she work? (does / has)

11. ---------------------- you received the parcel? (Have / Did)

12. -------------------- you call them yesterday? (Did / Do / Have)


1. Do you know the answer?

2. Have you ever seen a whale?

3. Did she say anything?

4. Have you discussed this matter with them?

5. Does he live in this city?

6. Have you known him for a long time?

7. Did you see him yesterday?

8. You had better mend your ways.

9. When did you hear this story?

10. Where does she work?

11. Have you received the parcel?

12. Did you call them yesterday?

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