Exclamations Exercise

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We use exclamations to express strong emotions in a special way. It is important to know how to make exclamations because they are very common in both speech and writing.

Study the following sentences.

This is an assertive sentence expressing a strong feeling. We can express the same idea using an exclamatory sentence.

Note the use of the exclamation mark (!) at the end of the exclamatory sentence.

More examples are given below.

We can express the same idea using an exclamatory sentence.


Change the following assertive sentences into exclamatory sentences.

1. It was a very hot day.

2. She dances very well.

3. He is a very rude man.

4. She looks exhausted.

5. The weather is very nice.

6. That was very interesting.

7. She is very generous.

8. That is a sad state of affairs.

9. It was a nice evening.

10. She is an incredibly strong woman.


1. What a hot day! OR How hot the day is! (NOT How hot is the day!)

2. How well she dances!

3. What a rude man! OR How rude he is!

4. How exhausted she looks!

5. How nice the weather is!

6. How interesting!

7. How generous she is!

8. What a sad state of affairs!

9. What a nice evening!

10. What an incredibly strong woman! OR How incredibly strong she is!

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