Tenses worksheet for class 8 CBSE

Complete the following sentences.

Since ancient times, trade relations ......1........ between India and Europe. There .......2..... a great demand for Indian goods in the European markets. In the medieval period, land routes ......3..... for this trade. Later the merchants and rulers ......4......... to look for sea routes for their trade with India.

Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese sailor, ......5........ round the tip of South Africa in 1498 and .......6........ at the port of Calicut in India. He .........7......... trade privileges from the Zamorin. In 1510, the Portuguese ........8........ Goa. Thereafter, they .......9........ Diu-Daman under their control. The Portuguese ........10.......... huge wealth from their trade with India.


Four options are given against each number separated by the symbol (/). Choose the one that will correctly complete the sentence given above.

1. existed / had existed / exist / were existed

2. has been / was / were / had been

3. used / were used / are used / had used

4. begin / had begun / began / has begun

5. had gone / goes / went / has gone

6. had landed / landed / lands / has landed

7. obtained / has obtained / had obtained / obtains

8. captures / captured / had captured / has captured

9. bring / brought / had brought / have brought

10. were amassing / amassed / had amassed / amass


1. Existed; 2. Was; 3. Were used; 4. Began; 5. Went; 6. Landed; 7. Obtained; 8. Captured; 9. Brought; 10. Amassed

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