Using Past Perfect Tense

Traditional grammarians have always maintained that the past perfect tense must be used when the time of one past action is more past than that of another.

Special cases

Sometimes we can use time conjunctions (e.g. before, after, when, while, as soon as, no sooner etc.) to talk about two actions or events that happen one after the other. Usually the past perfect tense is not necessary in these cases, though it can be used.

Though the past perfect tense is not necessary in these sentences, it is used when we want to emphasize the idea of completion.

Cases where the past perfect tense is not possible

The past perfect tense is not used when the first action 'leads into' the other or when there is a cause-and-effect relationship between the two actions. In such cases we use two simple past tenses.

Here two simple past tenses are used because there is a cause-and-effect link between the two actions: I wouldn't have seen the strange sight if I hadn't opened the door.

Past perfect tenses are normally only used as described above. The past perfect is not used simply to say that something happened some time ago.

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