Whoever, Whatever etc.

The words whoever, whatever, wherever, whichever, whenever and however have similar meanings to 'it doesn't matter who, what, which etc.,' it may be. A word of this kind has a double function: it acts as a subject, object or adverb in its own clause. It also acts as a conjunction joining its clause to the rest of the sentence.

  • Whatever you may say I am not going to take him back. (= It doesn't matter what you say, I won't take him back.)
  • Wherever you go, I shall follow you. (It doesn't matter where you go, I shall follow you.)
  • Whoever disobeys the law must be punished. (It doesn't matter who disobeys the law, he/she must be punished.)
  • Keep calm, whatever happens.
  • However much he eats, he never gets fat.
  • These words are also used to suggest something not definitely known.

  • I shall come whenever I can slip away.
  • We shall send whoever is available.
  • You will have to be content with whatever you can get.
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