Common Errors In The Use Of Nouns | Grammar Worksheet

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate word or phrase.

1. Kerala is famous for its beautiful ------------------------

a) scenery b) sceneries

2. I bought ------------------------ last week.

a) a furniture b) a piece of furniture

3. Have you received any -------------------------- about his whereabouts?

a) informations b) information

4. He told -----------------------

a) these news to his mother b) his mother this news

5. She had ----------------------

a) too many luggages b) too much luggage

6. There ------------------------- in this shop.

a) is no bread b) are no breads

7. Please -----------------------

a) excuse the troubles b) excuse me for the trouble

8. He took ---------------------- his work.

a) trouble over b) troubles to do

9. He provided ---------------------- with food.

a) the blind b) the blinds

10. -------------------- are God's special children.

a) The disabled b) Disabled

11. There are many -------------------- in the world.

a) poors b) poor people

12. I celebrated Christmas -----------------------

a) with my family b) with my family members c) with the members of my family


1. Kerala is famous for its beautiful scenery.

2. I bought a piece of furniture last week.

3. Have you received any information about his whereabouts?

4. He told his mother this news.

5. She had too much luggage.

6. There is no bread in this shop.

7. Please excuse me for the trouble.

8. He took trouble over his work.

9. He provided the blind with food.

10. The disabled are God's special children.

11. There are many poor people in the world.

12. I celebrated Christmas with my family / with the members of my family.

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