Passive Voice Worksheet | Simple past tense

In the simple past tense, we make passive forms by putting was/were before the past participle form of the verb.

Active: A kind woman opened the door.

Passive: The door was opened by a kind woman.

Active: The teacher praised the boys.

Passive: The boys were praised by the teacher.

Change the following sentences into the passive.

1. She ate an apple.

2. She told me a story.

3. She answered the question.

4. She accepted the invitation.

5. He solved the puzzle.

6. The mother reprimanded the boy.

7. The girl learnt her lessons.

8. Jay won the first prize in the competition.

9. I helped him.

10. He fetched a pail of water.

11. They took the boy to the doctor.

12. The teacher praised the boy.

13. They built this house in 1995.

14. She bought a cellphone.

15. I made a cake yesterday.


1. An apple was eaten by her.

2. I was told a story by her.

3. The question was answered by her.

4. The invitation was accepted by her.

5. The puzzle was solved by him.

6. The boy was reprimanded by his mother.

7. The girl's lessons were learnt by her.

8. The first prize in the competition was won by Jay.

9. He was helped by me.

10. A pail of water was fetched by him.

11. The boy was taken to the doctor.

12. The boy was praised by the teacher.

13. This house was built in 1995.

14. A cellphone was bought by her.

15. A cake was made by me.

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