Active Or Passive | When To Use Passive Voice

The passive voice is used when it is not necessary or important to mention who or what performed the action.

This house was built in the 19th century. (We do not say who built it. We only give information about when it was built.)

All of them have been invited. (We do not say who invited.)

The dilapidated old building has been demolished.

I was told to wait.

Note that only transitive verbs can be used in the passive voice. Since it is the object of the active verb that becomes the subject of the passive verb, intransitive verbs cannot be used in the passive voice because they do not take objects.

Passive voice worksheet

Say whether the verbs in the following sentences are in the active voice or passive voice.

1. Somebody knocked on the door.

2. The hostess received the guests with pleasure.

3. The boy was punished.

4. Four people were killed in the accident.

5. He lives across the street.

6. I want to know the reason.

7. She has been promoted.

8. They are painting the walls green.

9. The walls have been painted green.

10. I am waiting for them.

11. The last bus has gone.

12. The birds were caught by the hunter.

13. The winners were praised by all.

14. Everybody praised the winners.

15. I was astonished to hear the news.


1. active voice, 2. active voice, 3. passive, 4. passive, 5. active, 6. active, 7. passive, 8. active, 9. passive, 10. active, 11. passive, 12. passive, 13. passive, 14. active, 15. passive

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