Common Errors In The Use Of Nouns | Grammar Worksheet 3

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate noun or noun phrase.

1. The ---------------- grazing.

a) cattle are b) cattles are

2. I saw ---------------------- in the store.

a) two females b) two women

3. He --------------------- at this.

a) took offense b) took insult

4. Please ------------------------- here.

a) put your sign b) put your signature

5. -------------------------- works abroad.

a) One of my friend b) One of my friends

6. He didn't tell me -----------------------

a) anything b) nothing

7. This house is built ----------------------

a) of stone b) of stones

8. --------------------- too good to be true.

a) This news is b) These news are

9. He has saved --------------------- of money.

a) a large amount b) a large number

10. ---------------------- has gone to Zambia.

a) One of my friends b) Some of my friends


1. The cattle are grazing.

2. I saw two women in the store.

3. He took offense at this.

4. Please put your signature here.

5. One of my friends works abroad.

6. He didn't tell me anything.

7. This house is built of stone.

8. This news is too good to be true.

9. He has saved a large amount of money.

10. One of my friends has gone to Zambia.

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