Accuse, acknowledge, acquaint,

Accuse (verb)

To accuse is to charge or lodge a complaint against someone.

  • She accused me of poisoning her dog.
  • The public prosecutor accused the defendant of murder.
  • You can’t accuse me of dishonesty.

Accusation (noun)

  • His accusation that I took the money is baseless.

Accustomed (adjective)

If something is an accustomed practice, it is common, normal, regular, habitual or customary.

  • Painting barns red is an accustomed practice.

If you are accustomed to something, you are used to it.

  • Eskimos are accustomed to cold weather.
  • I am not accustomed to living alone.
  • He is accustomed to working at night.

Note that after accustomed to we need a noun or an –ing form.

Achieve (verb)

To achieve is to accomplish, reach, or fulfill.

  • We have achieved our goal of collecting ten million dollars.
  • If you don’t have access to electricity, there is a limit to what you can achieve.

Achieve can also mean attain, gain or acquire.

  • Can mere mortal beings achieve perfect happiness?

Achievement (noun)

An achievement is an accomplishment, attainment or fulfillment.

  • Moon landing was a stunning technological achievement.
  • Singing is just one of her accomplishments.

Acknowledge (verb)

To acknowledge is to accept, recognize, admit or allow.

  • They acknowledged their defeat.
  • Our constitution acknowledges that everyone is equal before the law.
  • He acknowledged her contribution to their business.

Acknowledgement (noun)

Acknowledgement means recognition, credit or recognizance.

  • He gave his colleagues full acknowledgment for their help in launching the business.
  • His acknowledgment that he took the money cleared his brother of blame.

Acquaint (verb)

To acquaint with someone is to meet them.

  • Have you just met her or were you acquainted before?
  • My grandfather believes in getting acquainted with everyone in the neighborhood.

To acquaint someone with something is to familiarize them with it.

  • It took me several months to acquaint myself with the new job.

Acquaintance (noun)

An acquaintance is a distant friend or someone slightly known to you.

  • She is just an acquaintance. I have met only a couple of times.

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