Active and passive voice worksheet for class 7

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice.

You can learn more about active and passive voice here.

1. Rama loves Sita.

2. My sister writes beautiful poems.

3. The carpenter is making a table.

4. The children are flying kites.

5. I have sent the parcel.

6. A girl from Tamil Nadu has won the first prize.

7. The watchman opened the gate.

8. The cat drank the milk.

9. The volunteers were helping the wounded people.

10. The children were singing a song.

11. They had challenged the verdict.

12. She had won the first prize.


1. Sita is loved by Rama.

2. Beautiful poems are written by my sister.

3. A table is being made by the carpenter.

4. Kites are being flown by the children.

5. The parcel has been sent by me.

6. The first prize has been won by a girl from Tamil Nadu.

7. The gate was opened by the watchman.

8. The milk was drunk by the cat.

9. The wounded people were being helped by the volunteers.

10. A song was being sung by the children.

11. The verdict had been challenged by them.

12. The first prize had been won by her.

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