Active And Passive Voice Worksheet For Class 8 CBSE

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice.

1. She earns a fat salary.

2. They run a grocery store.

3. She still vividly remembers her childhood days.

4. Dad is cleaning the attic.

5. Mother is cooking dinner.

6. Raju is eating a sandwich.

7. I have eaten my breakfast.

8. They were vacuuming the carpets.

9. The children were making sandcastles.

10. The dog is eating a bone.

11. I have prepared the report.

12. The police have caught the criminal.


1. A fat salary is earned by her.

2. A grocery store is run by them.

3. Her childhood days are still vividly remembered by her.

4. The attic is being cleaned by dad.

5. Dinner is being cooked by mother.

6. A sandwich is being eaten by Raju.

7. My breakfast has been eaten by me.

8. The carpets were being vacuumed by them.

9. Sandcastles were being made by the children.

10. A bone is being eaten by the dog.

11. The report has been prepared by me.

12. The criminal has been caught by the police.

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