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The expression bad egg is used to refer to a person who behaves rudely or does bad things. Needless to say, bad eggs are not very popular in their locality.

  •  My mother didn’t want me to marry Ravi. She thought that he was a bad egg.
  •  Peter was such a bad egg that nobody liked him.
  •  There are quite a few bad eggs in my neighbourhood. I’m thinking about moving out.
  •  Although he is known to be a bad egg, I haven’t had any problems with him.
  •  Varun is a bad egg – don’t trust him.

A bad / rotten apple

A bad or rotten apple is a bad person in a group of good people.

  •  You will find an occasional bad apple in every family.
  •  If he hails from a family of eminent scholars and professionals, how could he become such a rotten apple?

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